The Retreat

Resilient Retreat is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on helping those impacted by trauma, specifically adult survivors of abuse (e.g., domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse, sex trafficking, stalking) and first responders/helping professionals that witness the effects of violence in the workplace (e.g., advocates, medical professionals, police officers). We offer free interdisciplinary programs focused on healing the entire person and connecting participants with a community that has faced similar experiences.

In 2019, Resilient Retreat was gifted 84 acres on Fruitville Road in Sarasota, Florida. Our vision was to utilize our beautiful property as a respite, a place where survivors of abuse and first responders/helping professionals throughout the United States can go for trauma retreats.

Resilient Retreat recently opened a 18,000 sq ft Retreat Center that can accommodate up to 30 individuals to attend 1-3 day evidence-based retreats. Treatment rooms flank a community kitchen, great room, and dining room. Outdoor spaces include spacious porches, loggias, walking paths, a community garden, and a meditation pond. In addition, a 5,000 sq ft Community center provides two flexible rooms for 15-30 people for activities like support groups, movement-based programs, art-based programs, and meditations.

Eligibility to Attend 3-Day Retreats

In order to ensure that a multiple day/overnight retreat will be beneficial for a participant there are a few eligibility requirements and steps to attend the retreat. 

First, a participant can be added to the waitlist at anytime that they request. 

The next eligibility requirement is that a participant engages in at least 5 of our programs prior to being considered for an overnight retreat. This allows the participant to become more familiar with Resilient Retreat and to make an informed decision on if a retreat could be a good fit. 

After a person is up on the waitlist and has participated in at least 5 programs (either online or in person), they will be contacted by the Clinical Director with a confidential retreat application. The Clinical Director will also set up a Zoom meeting with each individual to go over their application and ensure that the retreat is the best fit for that person. 

There are a few circumstances in which it would not be appropriate for a participant to attend an overnight retreat. If those circumstances are in place, Resilient Retreat will work to assist that participant in finding the right resources and can consider the participant in the future for retreats. 

Pictures of Our Retreat Center

Main Campus
Great Room
Participant Bedroom

We believe that collaboration within the community is key. In this spirit, we work with community partners in the Florida Suncoast region to serve our mission.

Building Collaborators:

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We are always looking to collaborate! If you would like to collaborate with our agency, please contact us at