Resilient Retreat is currently collecting data to demonstrate the need for trauma-based services and the impact of these services in Sarasota and Manatee counties.

The Need:

In February 2019, Resilient Retreat conducted a survey asking first responders (e.g., police, fire/EMS, advocates, dispatch/operator) to report the impact of work-related stress and the types of services they feel would be most beneficial to them in combating this stress. The results suggested that first responders in Sarasota and Manatee counties experience burnout and secondary traumatic stress as a result of their work. The results also suggested that all first responders that responded felt that at least one of the programs proposed by Resilient Retreat would be helpful to them in addressing the impacts of work-related trauma.

Click below to see the full report:

First Responder Report

The Impact:

Resilient Retreat is currently conducting pilot studies exploring the impact of neurofeedback (i.e., train your brain waves to function more optimally) and support groups. These studies are occurring in collaboration with our community collaborator, The Brainwave Center. We are also conducting  a study on the impact of trauma-informed yoga on first responders with our community partner, Feel Good Yoga & Massage. If you would like to apply to take part in these studies, please complete an APPLICATION. Please check back to see the full report in the coming months.