Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Participants have the right to: 

  • Privacy and confidentiality when participating in programs at Resilient Retreat with the exception of life-threatening situations or conditions. 
  • Confidentiality of your participant file.  
  • Participate actively in decisions regarding one’s degree of participation in programming. 
  • Accessible information regarding the scope and availability of services offered. 
  • Be informed about any legal reporting requirements regarding any aspect of participation. 
  • Have program rules and expectations enforced consistently. 
  • Be treated with respect and dignity and to receive services that are free from harassment and coercion. 
  • The right to receive services in a non-discriminatory manner. 
  • Provide feedback to the staff of Resilient Retreat. 

Participants have a responsibility to: 

  • Adhere to program housekeeping and group rules. Housekeeping and group rules are subject to change as needed but will be communicated ahead of each program. Program housekeeping and group rules include: 
    • Maintaining confidentiality of other participants in the program. 
    • Being kind to others. 
    • Refraining from judgment and advice-giving to other participants. This also includes refraining from promoting businesses or services. 
    • Refraining from controversial topics (e.g. politics, religion, etc.).
  • Respecting boundaries of other participants. (e.g. deciding whether a participant wants to provide personal information to another participant when asked). 
  • Ask questions to ensure an understanding of the programs offered at Resilient Retreat. 
  • Show respect to staff and volunteers of Resilient Retreat. 
  • Register for programs ahead of time. 

If you have any questions about these rights and responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Cooper (Clinical Director) at 941-343-0039 or