Resilient Retreat volunteers greeting guests with swag bags at our Groundbreaking event in October 2020.

“I feel lucky to have begun this journey with this wonderful program. I have met some really wonderful people here and feel my time is appreciated.”

Karen W.

“Volunteering at Resilient Retreat has been such a fulfilling and rewarding experience. To be a part of something that is making a huge difference in our community is truly inspiring.”

Elizabeth M.

“We are blessed and honored to serve as volunteers with others that are passionate about helping those in need.  The rewards and enjoyment we’ve experienced have been amazing.”

Debbie and Gino L.

“Being a former, now retired, Law Enforcement officer, I believe my perspective and input helps in many ways. The common goal is to help those who help others. All inclusive. I love being able to show up, just as I am, and exactly where I’m at.”

Tammy F.

“In great and wide-ranging service to the community, I am surrounded with outstanding individuals who are passionate, compassionate, nurturing, enthusiastic, creative. MUCH has been accomplished to include winning the Herald Tribune’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Non-profit Organization in Sarasota for 2021. Can we hear a ‘Wow?!'”

Mark M.

“My experience as a RR volunteer has been so special. It feels like nurturing a garden that will become food for generations.”

Kelly B.

“It has been the most positive empowering experience of my life.  I have become confident while also empowering others.”

Debbie C.

“Resilient Retreat is empowerment based for both their participants and volunteers.  It’s refreshing to volunteer for an organization that truly supports the participants rather than tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.”

Troy T.

“Each time I volunteer at Resilient Retreat my heart softens. I receive just as much as I give. It’s an honor and always a pleasure.”

Debby D.

Make a difference in our community by becoming a volunteer at Resilient Retreat!

Our volunteers assist us in a variety of different ways.  Volunteer opportunities include assisting in program development, providing educational offerings, helping at fundraising events or serving as a retreat ambassador.  We appreciate the dedicated, compassionate and conscientious service our volunteers provide.

More than 200 volunteers support Resilient Retreat. No matter what your skills or special talents, or if you’d like to learn something new, there is a volunteer opportunity to suit your interests.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email info@resilientretreat.org or call 941-343-0039.

Become a Volunteer Today!

  • Step 1: Complete the volunteer application
  • Step 2: Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview and discuss available volunteer opportunities
  • Step 3: Criminal Background Check
  • Step 4: Complete Volunteer Training*
  • Step 5: Volunteer assignment is provided and begin volunteering

* Ongoing volunteer training is offered on a variety of topics and is complimentary.