Art Competition Winners

In celebration of Resilient Retreat’s Grand Opening, we invited local artists to an art competition focused on the themes of resilience, hope, and strength after adversity. Please join us in acknowledging the winners below. This beautiful artwork is displayed throughout our Retreat Center and will help trauma survivors on their healing journey.

1st Place Winner

Journey to Healing

Amy Towery

This piece reflects the Journey to Healing, the overlapping of life experiences layered together to form a bigger picture of hope and resiliency.

2nd Place Winner


Stacy Sternberg

Journey’s presence at Resilient Retreat is one of hope and strength, and as a therapy dog, he provides comfort and affection to lift others out of darkness. He symbolizes love, an element all people need to thrive — in essence, Journey brings the light…

If I Give My Light 

Janet Mishner 

The act of kindness is a form of giving light. He is speaking to her. I have something I want to give you. Her hands are open to receive.


Clare Godleski

This art is about the complexity of abuse: realization of the damage that has been done to one’s personal being with all of the physical and emotional damage inflicted and the ability to emerge and rise above the abuse with hope and joy and a light reignited in one’s spirit.

The Return of Color

Yve Lambert

At the beginning of that therapy to deal with a violent childhood trauma, my world became so muted as the memories were pulled out one by one and it stayed that way for a bit. Resilience has certainly been the gift that has brought me a life that has ALL the colors as little by little, my understanding of event changed and healing happened.


Meg Pierce

“Rising” is essentially the story of hope. Vulnerable growth is fed and by the light. Rising together, the leaves gather the strength to grow.

Pathway to Hope

Gennifer Schimenti

My piece is called “Pathway to Hope”. Becoming stronger after living with trauma is a journey. It can seem that there’s no way out, but with the help of those who truly care and support and love us through it all, the light begins to shine. At first, it’s a flicker, but as we heal this light begins to reach our very soul.

The Colors of Hopes, Dreams & Healing

Grace Howl

I specifically chose colors based on ‘Color Meaning’ within an abstract style, allowing viewers to interpret what they choose to see, and I believe will help make a positive impact to lift spirits, transform emotions and help the healing process. I want my piece to be visually inspiring, intriguing, mysterious, meditative, and create ‘Hope, Dreams and Healing’.

Finding my Authentic

Sarah Tenaglia

“Finding my Authentic” is a piece about acceptance of self. All of myself including my trauma. Painted only months after beginning trauma counseling, “Finding my Authentic” is the manifestation of the emotions behind the colors: pain, loss, tears, anger, and ultimately joy as I have begun to heal.

Hope on the Horizon

Lisa Kiesel

Wherever you are in your journey each new day brings hope of light after darkness.

She Identified As a Vase

Janet Mishner

The theme of this piece is how women are life givers and nurturers. It can also be interpreted as the blossoming/ growth of the individual.

Connected Threads

Brenda Robinson

The threads of hair in this painting speak to the enter twining of our human relationships. We all have the need to thrive, dream, grow, hope, and be seen for our true worth. The tapesty of hair signifies our relationships and connections with others.

Dandelion Mandala

Lisa Craven

This simple Dandelion Mandala was thoughtfully created as a visual healing tool. It’s a meditative piece that reminds one to contemplate the flower, and in doing so we quiet our minds, we become present, raise our awareness, and feel our essence.


Sunny Strickland

There is an old oak battered from construction, saved by the builder. It stands next to the remaining hammock as a testament that what once was can become again.


Beth Woods

A caterpillar endures a dark journey, It may even think its life is over when in fact it’s growing wings, changing colors to begin again and fly. There is beauty in change.

New Beginnings

Pratima Aravabhoomi

A complex interplay of marks and layers give way to reveal symbols from our collective psyche. Here an effervescent bird has emerged representing hope.